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Getting up to speed---post 1

Posted on: October 5, 2010 3:59 pm
Well, the weeks have been moving along quickly. My wife of 7 years is pregnant with our first child. We are expecting a girl in March. We just had the 3d ultrasound done and it was pretty neat to see, one of the images looked like she was waving at me. It made me melt. While my wife shops for baby clothes and furniture, I have been shopping for double barrel shotguns and cleaning kits. I am also going to build an uncomfortable, wobbly stool for potential suiters to sit on while I interview them.

While all this has been going on, I have been waiting for a kidney. I had both of my bad kidneys taken out last year, so it makes dialysis a necessity. My kidney disease is the main factor in having to quit playing football at Palomar. Playing football was my life, so losing it was like losing a limb. I would rather lose a limb and keep football if I didn't need it to play.

What hurt the most, I had spent the entire offseason working out with a strength coach and he got me stronger, faster, and leaner than I had ever been. We were getting ready for the start of the 1991 season when I got the news, so I had to quit. My teammates didn't understand, maybe I didn't do a very good job of telling them what was happening. Most of them wouldn't so much as look at me, then they went on to be Co-National Champs with a school in Oklahoma.

Anyway, enough about me and on to Football. I have completely given up on the so-called experts to help me set my line-up. They are absolutely terrible. I had a choice this week about starting Brady or Sanchez at QB. I went with Sanchez because of the match up and it worked out for me big time. I also picked up BJGE to fill in for a RB on a bye and they told me to bench him in favor of Mcgahee, another bad pick on their part. The rest of my team is pretty strong, so they were no brainers. I ended up winning this week by 50 points.

I hate it when people talk about their FF teams and games beyond player choice advice because the only person who has an interest in it is the guy whose team it is. This will be the last I talk of how my team did because it is irrelevant to you, the reader.

SDSU looks really good this year, Hillman is a stud. I haven't seen the likes of him since I went to State with Marshall Faulk. I doubt he would remember me with all of the people he has met through his career. I am essentially a nobody, so no big deal. I was able to hang out with Marshall and David Lowry a couple of times through some greek connections while at state. I was just stoked to be part of the crew. I could have been a teammate of his if I didn't have to stop playing, oh well, it is what it is.

I guess I will let you digest this little tidbit and give you more next week and actually talk some current events about SD and SDSU.
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